Hall Of Fame


The distance record for Dunstable is 157.6KM set on 28th April 2016 by Karoly Megyesi. See XC league for track log.

Previous record holders were:
2013 April 22nd, Andrew Hollidge. 153.9KM. HG See http://dunstablehpc.co.uk/long-standing-site-records-smashed/

1989 Pete Roberts. 70 Miles  (112KM). HG

Other flights in the Dunstable Hall of fame are:

2015 June 25th Karoly Megyesi 119.3KM
2014 April 9th. Karoly Megyesi. 120.2KM
2014 April 10th Karoly Megyesi 49.4KM



The site distance record is currently held by Hugh Miller with his incredible flight of  228.2km on 24/07/2014

The 2013 record was previously set at 178km when Hugh smashed the long standing site record of 98 miles (159km) set by Pete Roberts on a Hang-glider way back in 1998.

Other incredible flights include. Click the km to see details.
228.0km Mark Watts
205.5km211.4km  Guy Anderson
178.4km209.8km, 211.2km Hugh MIller
190.9km Kirsty Cameron
143.2km Helen Gant





Freeflight on Dunstable Downs