Safety Notices are sent out to all members by email via the members resources website.

Regardless of pilot level and whether you have a bad launch/landing it shouldn’t be that hard for pilots to:-
a) Pick a landing spot clear of the public and obstacles and
b) Not launch when there are people in front/behind them and
c) Be aware of conditions to prevent getting blown backwards.
This is “Basic Flying Skills Day-1” Folks !!

The top of the Downs brings pilots and public closer together WE MUST BE EXTRA VIGILENT DURING LAUNCHES / LANDING Please treat the Downs area with extreme caution !! If in doubt…land at the bottom…the exercise will do you good…and it’s better than hurting someone, wrecking your kit or losing the site !

  1. Treat ALL top landings with caution. If the PG launch area is congested… DO NOT LAND THERE !!!! The areas to the north and south of the launch area are the designated landing areas. There is no need to land in the take off area. Any top-landing, in strong conditions, is potentially dangerous…. this situation is now made worse by the metal fence, machinery and proximity to members of the public. If that area is busy with members of the public…. wait a minute and let the area clear before you make your landing. If in doubt…land at the bottom…the exercise will do you good… and it’s better than getting hurt, wrecking your kit or losing the site !
  2. If you are making an approach and there is someone in your way… a) IT’S YOUR FAULT!…. pay more attention on your final beats before committing to the landing. b) let them know you are near…. you may think they have seen you… this is not always the case…
  3. ALWAYS check you are clear of air/ground obstructions before you launch. (in front and behind)
  4. People with children/dogs, on a bike, riding a horse are all potential problems. their mind is elsewhere, they’re not looking at you, steer well clear of them.
  5. Always try to be considerate/polite to members of the public….They have as much right to be on the Downs as we do…It will only take one injury/complaint for the NT to think seriously about refusing us access to their land.
  6. In high winds…. always think twice about launching…..Landing in the Golf course is not a valid flight plan ! basically.. if you’ve landed there.. you’ve got it wrong !!!!

Know the limits of your wing and your piloting…

If you are not penetrating…. push out from the ridge line…Do not try to top land in the compression…land at the bottom…. It’s safer and easier.

Freeflight on Dunstable Downs