The Dunstable Hang-Gliding & Paragliding Club has several hang-gliding and paragliding Club Coaches. Some Coaches fly both hang-gliders and paragliders. Not all are available midweek, but please remember they are all volunteers and some are far more available and active than others.

We organise various coaching events throughout the year to assist new pilots in our club:

  • Low-airtime / New member evenings where you can meet the Coaches and discuss coaching tips for flying at Dunstable.
  • Summer weekends away to other suitable sites, e.g. Rhossili, Blorenge, Long Mynd etc.
  • Flying holidays in UK and abroad.
  • Parachute packing evenings, usually supervised by a BHPA qualified re-packer – where everyone needs coaching!
  • Lectures and BHPA Exams for Pilot, Advanced Pilot, and powered flying ratings, usually done in the early Spring, late Autumn evenings. Make sure that you have all your flying tasks signed-off in your BHPA Taskbook by Coaches – before sitting the exam.

However, the main coaching done within our club is simply to come out flying on the hill, with either the club coaches themselves, or talking and flying with more experienced pilots.

Remember pilots with less than 10 hours need to discuss their flight plan with a Club Coach on site before flying at Dunstable.

Once you have achieved your Club Pilot Rating with the school, just get in touch with our Coaches. We leave it entirely up to you to get in touch with us.

Many pilots use the club FaceBook group to make arrangements and then make last-minute phone calls to coaches and other members. Hang glider pilots tend to rely more on direct e-mails to other HG pilots to plan a couple of days ahead, with last-minute phone calls or text messages.

All new members require an Airspace Briefing from the Lead Coach BEFORE flying at Dunstable Downs for the first time.
To arrange a Airspace Briefing and Test for flying at Dunstable, please contact the Club Lead Coach. Site Briefings are normally done either as a group on suitable weekends or on an individual basis by your arrangement. In Summer, briefings can also be done on-site on midweek evenings. Our Lead Coach publishes site briefing dates in advance on the Club Facebook page or by direct email. Make sure you are signed up to receive notices.

Contact details for all HG pilots, PG pilots and Club Coaches can be found in the members database.

The Airspace test, Site Briefing and other useful docs can be found here

The Lead Coach email: Richard Greaves who flys both HGs and PGs.

See the members database for contact details for other Coaches.

If you want to be included on any excursions then make sure the coaches know your desires and have your contact details.

Freeflight on Dunstable Downs