2014. What a year for XC

Well it seems that the 2014 XC season is over and the winter has finally arrived. For many pilots this will be their most memorable year with personal best XC flights being made. For others, myself included, it was probably the most frustrating year. I had never seen a paraglider over my house before but this year it happened three times and two of those were record breaking flights on days that I just could not fly. Sheer torture.

The Sharpenhoe site distance record fell twice and there were several other flights in between those 2 record breakers that were absolutely epic. Several of them over 200Km.

In this years XC league just under 2000km were logged from Sharpenhoe alone. It must be well over 2000km if we include all those unlogged XC’s. The site record changed hands twice in the year with Hugh Miller, Guy Anderson and Mark Watts jostling for pole position. It was finally snatched back by Hugh Miller with an incredible flight of 228.2Km with Mark Watts just  0.2KM short. Hugh retains the site record for the 2nd year running. Last year the record was 178KM when Hugh smashed the long standing site record of 98 miles (159Km) set by Pete Roberts way back in 1998.


The Sharpenhoe hall of fame: Click on the KM to see the log.

Hugh Millers incredible flight of  228.2KM on 24/07/2014
228.0km Mark Watts
205.5km211.4km  Guy Anderson
178.4km209.8km, 211.2km Hugh MIller
190.9km Kirsty Cameron
143.2km Helen Gant


Here are all the XC league flights from Sharpenhoe during the 2014 season.


Dunstable did pretty well too with 5 XC’s logged one of which was Karoly Megyesi with an amazing 120.2KM on a paraglider.

Here are the XC league flights for Dunstable




Congratulations to everybody in both these lists for such incredible flights.